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Newborn Leah Grace

April 5, 2018



Carnations. I knew I wanted to surround this newborn baby with carnations. 


My sister was almost two weeks past her due date and every day I was waiting for a text to tell me Leash was finally on her way. When the day finally came, I grabbed my camera and off to the hospital we went. When I got there, everyone had gone for the night, it was just Kayla, Justin, and newborn baby Leah. I was so happy it was just them three. I was able to talk to my sister in a way that doesn't happen very often anymore. There once was a time when me and her shared a bedroom, and played the game where you guess what song the other person is humming, in the dark while falling asleep. (if you never played this game, did you even have a childhood?!) Fast forward two decades and here we are. She told me all about the delivery, and all about her day. My angel of a sister, her loving husband, and the newest addition to their family. Their family is now a family of five. I snapped some pictures of the three of them. Not even a week later, I went to my sisters house and did a newborn session. These are a product of those two days <3


Below newborn Leah's gallery are larger images of some of my favorites. I delivered over 15 professionally edited pictures of the Fresh 48 session, and 20 professionally edited pictures of the newborn session. All pictures are delivered with rights to download, save and print. I would love to shoot more newborn or Fresh 48 photos! Please email me at if you're looking to get any newborn or Fresh 48 photos taken. Thank you! 

-Kelly Eileen Photo