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Bentley 6 month photos

September 24, 2018

my adorable nephew, Bentley! i'm a little behind on doing this post, but better late than never, am i right?! I started off my photography career taking pictures of my nieces & nephews. If it wasn't for my sisters, I would have been lost trying to figure out how to get my foot into the photography world. i'm so grateful they let me experiment with taking pictures of their families.. and i think all the time spent practicing has finally paid off! we were so happy with how these turned out. now, i can't take credit for all of it... my amazing sister Lauren bought the adorable onesie and brought all the props and my mom was there to help set up and to help the little guy giggle for me so i could get these adorable shots. there is sooooo much behind the scenes for photoshoots, it's insane! when i started out, i would always wonder how photographers got such amazing shots all the time. and the truth is guys, for every 1 great photo, there was probably 20-30 unusable photos. the moments kneeing down in gravel, trying to get the perfect angle, Bentley *almost* falling face forward on home plate.. you don't get to see those moments. sometimes they're a nightmare, and all the time it's a learning experience.. but on this day, the behind the scenes were fun! we were laughing, Bentley was such a ham.. i mean, just look at that face! my mom, my sister, all the different props we used.. it was just a good, good time. *capturing the magic, eternalizing the moment*