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Day hike on the AT, Chimney Rocks

September 24, 2018

I wanted to do this blog post to show you all what my days off look like, and to show you all an amazing spot i found that i think would be a gnarly elopement spot. unfortunately, it was a very rainy, gloomy, foggy day, so i wasn't able to capture the amazing views, but i can show you all the hike and hopefully you all will take my word on how amazing the view was on top of Chimney Rocks! In our free time, one of my families favorite hobbies is hiking. we try to go to new places as often as we can, but we love going back to places we've been a hundred times before. this time, we picked a section on the Appalachian Trail (AT) we've never been before. Chimney Rocks in Micheaux State Forest in Pennsylvania. (Fun Fact: One day, Alex & I will through hike the AT! it's a huge goal of ours) 

when we first walked up onto of Chimney Rocks, we were able to see the view.. but by the time i was able to get my camera out, huge clouds rolled in bringing a misty fog that engulfed everything in it's path, making it impossible to see the view that went on for miles and miles of the top of lush greenery. 

i just have to say.. olive & navi are in all their glory while exploring and i think thats pretty obvious in these pics HAHA 

alex is really into foraging, and recently got into mushroom hunting, which, i can not complain because i loooove love love taking all the pictures nature related. we are the perfect match when it comes to hiking. he lets me know what awesome new organisms or fungi he finds, and i take pictures of it. we are both super slow while we hike. we like to take in everything we come across. this makes me wonder how we will ever through hike the AT ??? we will most likely set a record for slowest through hikers LOL

hope you enjoy my photos :) let me know what you think in the comments, and if you're looking to elope at Chimney Rocks, i'm your girl! an elopement ceremony in the woods sounds like a dream!