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Alex proposes to Kelly in Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado

January 20, 2019


Alex proposes to Kelly in Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado

January 19, 2019

It was the middle of March in 2016. Our second day in Colorado. The stoke level was high, my friends. 

Snow was in the forecast, and we knew the next day we would be shredding fresh pow pow in the Rockies... we were with some of our best friends. I think it was Andy Bernard who said, "I wish there was a way to know you're in the good old days, before you've actually left them." 

We decided to go to Rocky Mountain National Park to do some hiking. We knew it would be the best way to acclimate ourselves to the elevation change. We don't have mountains like this back in Pennsylvania.... 

We drove through Estes Park and acted like true tourist. Stopped to buy some cotton hoodies reading, "Estes Park", stopped at all the little shops and saw what Estes Park had to offer. We were having a great day. 

We drove into the park and found our parking spot. I voiced I had to use the bathroom before we started hiking, and little did I know at the time, Alex was anxiously trying to figure out how he was going to get the ring out of his guitar case, and onto his persons, without me seeing... and figure out where to hide the 5x7 notebook he made me  (i'll explain this in more detail later)

As i'm walking to the bathroom, Alex takes off in the direction of the bathrooms.... passing by me very abruptly, almost pushing me out of the way, in high voice, "ME FIRST!!!!!" What the fuck just happened, i thought. Why the hell .... who the hell?... is he okay? Man, i guess he really has to go, i thought.... so badly, he's willing to shove his girlfriend out of his way to make it to the bathrooms first. 

I wait.... 

He wasn't in there long.. which made me even more confused. He walks out, all happy and chipper, a big smile, "all yours!" he said, holding the door open for me. 

"Thanks...", i take the door and do my business. 

What i didn't know, was that 50 yards outside the bathroom door, was Alex sprinting back to the Forester, trying to gain as much time as possible so he could concoct a plan of how to stash the ring box on his person before i came out of the bathroom. And where to put the ring...?? This was the hard part. 

First, he tries his pocket. Looking down at his pocket, there is a conspicuous square protuberance. Can't leave it there, he thought. Then, he thought about taking the ring out of the box, and just leaving the ring in his pocket. But... what happens if he drops it? That would be the end of his life. What if some inconceivable unlikely event happens, and he drops the ring? It would be much easier to find a big black box than a little silver ring. With the time ticking... Alex convinces himself that the best and most logical place, to hide the ring box, is in the void under his dick and balls. There it went. 

This is when Alex starts to panic... Kelly is about to walk out of the bathroom at any second and he still has a 5x7 handmade notebook to hide. 

He tries hiding it under his waste band of his pants. It's clearly visible, and very unstable. He would have to wear his jacket the whole time they were hiking to hide it, and he didn't want to do that... thinking, it would probably be obvious even if he did try to wear his jacket the whole time.. everything had to be copacetic.

"oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck... now or never. now, or never." Heart racing, feeling dizzy.... Alex makes the last minute decision to hide the notebook around his leg, under his sock, under his pant leg. 

Kelly walks out of the bathroom, and heads towards the Forester. 

She suspects nothing. 

He did it. He hid the ring box, and notebook without raising any more suspicion after the bathroom incident. 

They start hiking. Along they go, loving life, loving Colorado.

About two hours into the hike, Alex knew he had to pick a spot soon, or else that bulky ring box was going to cut a whole right into this thigh, and, to add to his dilemma, his calf began to sweat profusely into the pages of the notebook. 

He started hiking ahead, to give himself time to set up the goPro once he found the perfect spot to propose. He saw a rock overlook, only a short walk off the trail, and a rock ledge that looked perfect. He ran up, knowing again, his time was limited. 

Alex's mind went blank, he was fading in and out of consciousness, he never felt such anxiety in his whole life. He went into auto-pilot setting up the goPro and tried not to pass out. Or... so he tells me. (LOL)

He sits down and calls out to Kelly, telling her he came up on the rock overlook, she should come join him. 

I get to the top, and sit next to Alex. I notice he does not look good... He looked like he was about to pass out. I figured it was just the altitude getting to him. He was sweating, saying he felt dizzy, and saying he needed to lay down. Now i know, he was just very very nervous to pop the question. how sweet, right? Today, we look back at this moment and we crack up over it. It's so funny looking back on it now. I had no idea what was coming... the video is so comical, but in that moment, i had no idea what was going on, and why my boyfriend was feeling so sick in the middle of the Rockies.

While sitting next to him, he hands me a notebook, titled, "Random Memories". 

At this moment, i knew what was going on.... i knew this was it. I was being proposed to. And it all made sense. The bathroom mishap, him looking super pale and being dizzy. I started crying, had to pick my jaw up off the ground, and then started flipping through the notebook. 

It was a photo album in chronological order of when we first met, all the way up until the present time. Each page was filled with pictures and little captions, a book of "random memories". I flipped through, page by page, balling my eyes out. It was perfect. 

At this point you're probably wondering about the, "Random Memories" title. I'll fill you in. 

Years ago, Alex & I started a game. Think of a past time we share together. It could be anything, the time we went fishing on the Susquehanna and caught catfish all night, the time we put two queen size beds in our first apartment bedroom floor, the time we... you get the idea. And whoever could come up with the most "random memory", won. 

At the end of the notebook, were two scrapbook pieces of a bride and groom, and the top of the page read, "Will you make random memories with me forever?"

We cried, and laughed, and i screamed from the top of the Rocky Mountains, "i'm engaged!!!"

... And then I saw Alex pick up the goPro. "oh my gosh, you video taped the whole thing?!?!!"

Yes folks, we have a 10 minute and 16 second long video of the whole thing, and no i will not be sharing it. 

Thinking of proposing? Let me capture it! I promise you, there is nothing sweeter than being able to look back on our video, and see these pictures and feel that moment again. I'd love to photograph your proposal!







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Alex proposes to Kelly in Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado

January 20, 2019

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